Who Are We?

NABBA has made great progress in the past decade, but Australia like other nations are under scrutiny for a multitude of reasons. I believe the performance of bodybuilding improves our fitness level, reduces the risk of cholesterol and stress, increases strength, stamina, coordination and improves energy.



Check back here soon for the latest Body Building events that NABBA will be organising or participating in. Body Building is a great way to improve your fitness, strength, stamina and coordination. Taking part can also have a positive impact on your stress level and self esteem. So get involved today and start changing your life!



All competitors will present on stage in numerical order facing the judges. The head judge will call heels together facing the front. A series of quarter turns will follow. Competitors will be viewed from the left side, from the back, from the right side and from the front. Twisting is preferred on the left and right sides.