In the past fifty years Australia has developed and grown into an independently strong nation, enriching our relatively young heritage through our diverse cultural background and ‘Faith’.  Faith in oneself, in one’s associates, in one’s industry and in the nation itself.  Faith in the future.  We embrace this new century with a vision that encompasses a new LEADERSHIP. My strength is in the ability to translate an idea into action, to make things happen. To make my dreams and yours a reality. To do today what can be done today, and set goals for future endeavours and achievements for those that follow me in choosing the BODYBUILDING -LIFESTYLE.

Remember change and progress are inevitable.

NABBA has made great progress in the past decade, but Australia like other nations are under scrutiny for a multitude of reasons. I believe the performance of bodybuilding improves our fitness level, reduces the risk of cholesterol and stress, increases strength, stamina, coordination and improves energy. These are far more appealing attributes than poor health and self indulgence.  In addition we also learn valuable living skills like determination, commitment, camaraderie, goal-setting, loyalty, sacrifice, self-esteem and most importantly purpose.

Respect and discipline are the tools in achieving our bodybuilding objectives.

The transformation does not transcend upon us overnight but more likely takes several years to administer and perfect. Many of you will embark upon the journey and although there have been  many casualties in the past we hope that our website will become a point of reference and aid you in receiving accurate and up-to-date information that will enable you to achieve your personal best.

Remember life’s too short to be small, so get out there and pump some iron. We hope you enjoy our efforts and look forward to your continued support and comments in the future.

Stay tight



The Muscle Tour Continues

“The St. George Barbell Studio welcomes everyone to their ambitious project designed to foster greater interest in Australia in the wonderful sport of weightlifting and bodybuilding. It is sincerely hoped that all visiting officials, guests and competitors enjoy their short stay in our city.  A special welcome to our guest star Tan Tee Yap, Mr Singapore 1953.  His long journey to Australia will be richly rewarded by the acknowledgement of the wonderful crowd here today, upon viewing his magnificent and inspiring display of symmetry, posing and muscle control.  Mr Herb Morton (sponsor), is the man responsible for the wonderful display of Australia’s great athletes here today.  His generosity is exemplified by the huge trophy (valued at 100 pounds), which he will present to the winner of today’s contest.  The weightlifting and bodybuilding fraternity thanks you most sincerely Mr Morton.”

These words were spoken in 1954 by Len Gilmour (Mr Muscles), the promoter of the 1954 Mr Australia competition. This event was publicised as the ‘EXTRAVAGANZA’.

In 1893, Florenz Ziegfeld started the modern mania for muscles with a German strongman he called  “Sandow the Magnificent”.  The first body-building magazine was launched in 1908, but the Golden Age of Beefcake really began in 1952 with the debut of a little magazine called “Physique Pictorial.” A dozen such magazines soon appeared. “Tomorrow’s Man” offered advice as well as pictures: “Adonis” and “Body Beautiful” had colour photography and in-depth expertise.

By 1955 their combined sales had probably reached a million copies a year. Photos of guys posing not completely naked hardly seem revolutionary today, but in those early muscle mags, for the first time since the fall of the Roman Empire, attractive young men were naked purely to be looked at and enjoyed. This was radical enough, but the real reason they were considered dangerous was that they were the first homosexual magazines.

Well into the 1960s, those little physique magazines were not just an aspect of gay culture in America; they virtually were gay culture. It took a series of censorship trials before the judiciary ruled, in 1968, that the portrayal of a fully naked man was not pornographic.

The physique field expanded into a multi-faceted billion-dollar industry, but not one of the little muscle mags survived the massive changes which occurred after really graphic erotica became legally admissible. Bob Mizer’s Physique Pictorial – the first – was also the last, closing its doors on 31 December 1993.


This year is the first of an organised bodybuilding contest in Europe when a famous German Strongman, Eugene Sandow, judged an event at the Royal Albert Hall in London.  The event drew an attendance figure in excess of 2,000.


The Health and Strength League was formed on a wintry evening in December by a group of enthusiasts who wished to pursue all aspects of physical culture.  The league title was taken from a fitness magazine of the same name – first published in 1894.


The first Mr and Miss Britain Title was held. This inaugural event caused a great surge in membership. In 1936 alone 11,398 new members enrolled.  The organisation became Worldwide and had a motto “Sacred thy body even as thy soul” inscribed on its membership badge. By 1943 the League had a staggering 191,000 members.

The first “British Empire Games” were first held in Hamilton Canada. Every four years since (except 1942 and 1946 WWII) they are renown as the “Friendly Games”.


Health and Strength magazine organised the first Mr Universe contest to commemorate the Olympic Games being held that year in London.  Won by John Grimek, twice Mr America winner who had previously represented the USA as a weight lifter at the 1936 Olympic Games.


NABBA was formed.  Mr Universe was won that year by Mr America Steve Reeves, who later went on to make more than 30 Hercules movies.  The following year, when Reg Park won, one of the competitors was a young man from Canada, Joe Weider.

In the years that followed the top bodybuilders worldwide came to England to try and win the Universe title.  Famous names like John Grimek, Steve Reeves, Bill Pearl, all Americans, were part of a group, which also included Reg Park, England and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austria, whom won Mr Universe four times.  These five were the most influential winners who later became the legends of the Universe.


The first Mr Australia contest was launched in Melbourne with Gordon Nutley the proud holder of this title.


An Australian promoter Len Gilmour (Mr Muscles), of the St.George Barbell Club Sydney, organizes the Mr Australia Extravaganza.


The late Oscar Heidenstam was appointed full time secretary and became the main driving force in NABBA for more than 30 years.


Melbourne hosts the Olympic Games for the first time in Australia.


Mr Fred Vella (Internationally recognised Karate teacher, 8th Dan Master ) is the major identity and personal sponsor of the Mr Australia contest until 1971.


The first Australian to compete in the NABBA Mr. Universe was Vic Vella NSW.


Peter McCarthy, one of Australia’s legendary bodybuilders, forms the United Bodybuilding Association of Australia, and paves the way for NABBA UK affiliation.


First Australian Women to compete in the Miss Universe were Beth Lopez and Michele Buckingham.


At a meeting in London NABBA International was formed and became host to the European, World and Universe Championships. This branch of NABBA is now supported by more than fifty countries.


Mr Jose Lopez takes control of NABBA Australia and leads the way for international competitions.


Graeme Lancefield wins the inaugural MASTERS Mr Universe.

March 21, NABBA Founder/Patron Oscar Heidenstam dies aged 80 years.


Pina Theodoridis wins the overall Miss Universe representing Australia.


NABBA celebrates its 50th year and pays tribute to its legends.

The beautiful Pina Theodoridis of Australia is crowned Overall Miss Universe yet again on this momentous occasion.

November 20, NABBA Legend John C Grimek dies aged 88 years.


Australian legend Graeme Lancefield is elected National President, and leads NABBA Australia into the new millennium.


On the Ides of March this website was launched internationally in an effort to promote the ‘ART’ of bodybuilding and to unite its’ exponents.  This Australian website will serve as a reference point and cornerstone to all who are attracted to a lifestyle which incorporates health, vitality and fitness at all levels. It is this foundation, the lifestyle which NABBA promotes, that breeds success in athletes and fitness enthusiasts universally.

May 1, NABBA Legend 1950 Mr Universe Steve Reeves dies aged 74 years.

Sydney hosts the Olympic Games for the second time since 1956.


November 17, NABBA Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected California’s 38th Governor, his term of office expires Jan 2011.


Melbourne hosts the first Commonwealth Games Bodybuilding Figure & Fitness Championships on March 11.


November 22, NABBA Legend 1951 Mr Universe Reg Park dies aged 79 years.


NABBA Australia launches new website.

August 10,  NABBA International World President Ivan Dunbar dies aged 80 years.

October 24, Graeme Lancefield is elected NABBA International World President.


April 19, NABBA Legend 1976 Mr Universe Serge “Black Panther” Nubret dies aged 72 years.

NABBA/WFF New Zealand President Dave Smith is elected.